Kensington Property Investment Group

or KPIG, began as a London Corporate Relocation Service, offering a viable and logical solution to London's ever increasing housing burden: we strived to provide an answer to meet the needs of both those looking for accommodation in the capital and those who were willing to provide it.


We have come a long way since our foundation

and now maintain a portfolio of properties across the heart of the city, not only providing our tenants and clients with suitable homes to live in but also working closely with agents, landlords and companies alike to facilitate and mediate the process. Our experience and local industry knowledge make us the first choice for finding homes and providing them, making relocation as streamlined and effortless as can be.

We deal with every stage of the operation from start to finish we put the minds of all those who work with us at ease.


Taking care of existing properties


Maximizing the ROI for every investment we make.

Elite Support

We keep a close and strong relation with all investors